Concentrated Mineral Drops | CMD

CMD is a mineral supplement that helps maintain your health and stamina. Formulated from the nature to maintain the balance mineral in the body. The current food industries are containing less minerals in their processed food and we as consumer is having lower intake of mineral from our foods. In fact, many processed foods in our daily diet have their important minerals such as magnesium, potassium and boron removed. These removed minerals are actually very important for the body where it regulates the body and maintain our health. A few drops of CMD can help fulfill the body mineral daily intake requirements.

With the combination of knowledge and nature, CMD is a concentrated liquefied mineral supplement that help the body fight signs of tiredness and sickness. Composition of CMD comes from the Great Salt Lake of Utah. CMD contains 72 different minerals both macro and micro minerals that are needed by the body. It needed approximately 2 years to have a balanced mineral content that is then packed in each bottle of CMD. Thus UMN need constant observation and testing to have the best concentration and balance of minerals. Only if the content is containing the best concentration and balance of minerals according to UMN standards that each CMD is packed. CMD contains the best form of mineral for the body which is the ionized form of the minerals that are easier to be absorb by the body.

Compositions and Benefits of CMD

CMD contains minerals that can help activate enzyme reactions in the body.
Thus, making minerals as important as vitamins.
CMD composed of:

  1. MAGNESIUM. Benefits of Magnesium in the body are enhanced
    bone structures, liver, maintain muscle flexibility, maintain balance
    of pH level in the body, and help prevent heart diseases.
  2. CHLORIDE. Benefits of Chloride in the body includes help
    maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body, and help regulate
    the pH of the body.
  3. SODIUM.Benefits of Sodium includes maintain electrolyte
    balance, maintain the amount of fluids in the body, and are involved
    in the nerve impulse.
  4. POTASSIUM. Benefits of Potassium includes enhance membrane
    of cells in the body, and important for heart rythme.
  5. SULFATE. Benefits of Sulfate containing element Sulphur
    for the synthesizing of protein.

Recommended Usage

CMD is a product that is natural, concentrated, does not contain any preservative, has no taste, or any additional flavoring. CMD is recommended to be added in your drinks such as juices to blend the mineral taste.

  1. Recommended usage for first timer 10 drops per day for 3 consecutive days.
  2. After 3 days, increase dosage by additional 10 drops, 2 to 3 times per day.
  3. Children age from 2 to 3 can consume 1 drop for every 2 kg of their body weight.