Hydro C

Hydro C is a liquefied natural mineral that contains more than 72 different macro and micro minerals. Hydro C is extracted from the Great Salt Lake of Utah with a distillation process to reduce 99% of the salt.

Each Hydro C also went through evaporation process to reduce the amount of water in the solution thus making Hydro C more concentrated. The natural evaporation process makes Hydro C much better compared to other mineral supplements.

Hydro C also contains Vitamin C and D that further enhance the benefit of this supplement. With the combination of vitamins and minerals, the body can easily absorb the vitamins more readily. Thus with the combination of both vitamins and minerals, the body will be much healthier and more energetic.

Composition and Benefits of Hydro C

Hydro C is a lemon concentrate that contains Vitamin C.
Benefits of vitamin C includes :

  1. Enhance the immune system of the body.
  2. Improves the skin. Vitamin C is antioxidants that help protect the cells in the body from diseases.

Recommended Usage

4 – 14 years old   : 1 drops for every 2 kg of the body weight
Adults           : 30 drops a day (can be separated by 10 drops per meal per day)

Hydro C is best consumed after meal
Can be use along with drinking water, tea, coffee, milk and juices

Not recommended for :
Children under the age of 4 except from doctors’ prescription
External usage avoid contact with the eye and wounds

Allergy information
Hydro C does not contain allergens and gluten free